Friday, 3 June 2011

Pool fun!

Yesterday was Imogen's first dip into water other than her bath.

I always planned to take her to a baby swim class as soon as she hit 4 months, but the pool set-up over here is not the same as in the UK: there are very few 'public' pools, most swim classes are in membership pools like in a gym or at the YMCA and I don't want to spend nearly $100 a month for a membership I will only use for the pool and then pay for swim lessons ON TOP.

So, because I am a stingy Mummy, she has had to wait for the weather to warm up so we can visit our friend's pool. 
Here comes the irony: the pool we visited yesterday is at the apartments we USED to live in, but in the fifteen months we lived there, I went in the pool ONCE. Disgraceful. And to think I had all that free time pre-Imogen and a big belly flotation aid I could have used! So now I go back to the pool I once lived at by invitation from my friend. Grrr! 

Hey ho, we all had a really fun afternoon. Imogen and Brooke played well together for 10 month olds (barring a sharing incident with a spoon...) and she slept well all night, probably dreaming of rubber rings and suncream. 

Have a wonderful weekend Peapodders, what are you up to? Plans Chez Priest are as yet unknown, but I'm hoping to indulge in some yummy lunch tomorrow, I'm thinking burgers or maybe fish tacos...

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  1. There's nothing like pool time! My toddler is a fish. Loves the water. Glad you and Imogen will get to experience some water fun this summer. Better late than never! :)

    Stopping by from the TMP blog hop...


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