Monday, 20 June 2011

Listography - 5 Inventions I Wish Were Real

This week's Listography is all about things you wish had been invented that would make your life easier.

As Kate says, this is the kind of list where, once you start thinking of things, you can't stop. I had a plethora of ideas spilling out of my brain but then I realised most of them had actually been invented already, it's just I didn't have/couldn't afford them in my life. I had thought of so many 'already invented' ideas, I thought I would have to branch off and create my own Listography: 5 Inventions I Wish Were Real But Then Realised Actually Are, Stupid Girl. For example, I thought how lovely it would be to have an automatic cup of tea made for me, then duh, cue the teasmaid or grass that never needs cutting: astroturf....

However, I re-focused my addled brain and came up with the following:

1. Wash-free hair

Washing & drying my hair is my most hated personal grooming chore. I quite literally despise it, even more so now I have zero time to do it. If someone could just invent something that meant I could wake up every morning with clean, sleek, blow-dried hair in a perpetual state of follicle perfection my life would be complete.

Oh, how I covet K-Mid's glossy tresses!

It did occur to me that there is a remedy to this problem: a full time hair stylist. But, alas, I am not Kate Middleton and currently cannot justify adding a personal hairdresser to my entourage for any forthcoming international tours of duty.

2. Time Machine

In an attempt to 'eventuate' time travel (thanks to Sydney Shop Girl for the word!) I have doubled up on the suggestion from many other lists. I would use my time machine to fast-forward a few hours in the afternoons. As much as I adore the precious witching hour bonding time between my daughter and I, I think we could both get on quite well without it. So from say 2pm, I would like to move time on to that most wonderful of moments when I lay her down in her cot for the night. 

To the Delorean, McFly!

3. Sun/weather adjuster

Why does there never seem to be a completely perfect day of weather? All across the world, it's too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, you would have thought that after all these years, the sun could've sorted itself out and found an equilibrium?
This is where the temperature adjuster comes in! Too hot? Just turn the sun down a notch! Perfecto.

4. Automatic tooth brusher

No, I'm not talking about an electric toothbrush, I have one of those. But something to take away another of my most hated tasks, brushing my teeth. Is it just me or do other people find it dead time? It's so boring, you can't do anything else but stand there and wait for all the teeth to be covered.Uggh. And no, mints are cheating, they don't count. 

5. Teleportation

Another popular choice on other peoples' lists; I have a phobia of flying but I love to be on holiday. If only I could cut out the aviation middleman...

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  1. Wow, yours are all really actually useful! I could totally go for no.1, washing/drying my hair is a luxury now - I rely on dry shampoo!! Urgh

  2. My friend swears by dry shampoo but I find it a little too space-agey to think about.

    But I am so with you on the tooth brushing! Snooooze! I'm sorry, but I doubt I've completed 2 minutes of brushing since back in the day when we knew the dentist was coming to school and we had to do that demo with those little things you ate that turned your mouth red where the plaque supposedly was? Only my mouth was red EVERY DAMN TIME and it was so humiliating b/c I had brushed and brushed to make sure it wouldn't happen, and each year it did!

  3. How can you not like brushing your teeth? V strange. With you on the hair one though.

  4. Living in Scotland, I need that weather adjuster RIGHT NOW *looks outside at pouring rain*

  5. I'm with you on the hair but I do quite enjoy brushing my teeth. I like to dance around a bit, it livens up the experience!

  6. Ha! Maybe I should inject some fun into it too, but it's just another thing on the long list of to-dos before I am ready to go out!

  7. You could make so much money from a hair glossy fixer machine. So many mums walking about like they have been dragged through a hedge on the school run... ahem!

  8. I agree totally on the hair and teeth front. Both went terribly with 3 children to run round after so anything that did them automatically would be fandabadozy.
    I do like folks who tell it like it is


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