Sunday, 5 June 2011

Frock It! #6 A Day at the Races

I love nothing more than a bit of Royal watching, so for this week's Frock It!, I found some gems from the Epsom races.

Our new Duchess had managed to find time in her busy Welsh housewife diary to get scrubbed up for a day on the Downs with her new family (The Queen). 

Now, please help me with this one, I am in a real pickle. I just can't make my mind up as to whether I like her look or not. At first glance, the delicious creams against the teak-coloured tan looks fantastic, but as I looked closer and longer, something just doesn't sit right.

Yes, she has a pair of legs to rival any of the racehorses on show, but the jacket, for me, is wrong. Maybe it's the neckline or the boxiness of it, I don't know, but it gives her NO shape at all, something she needs to avoid as she doesn't have many curves going on ordinarily. 

The dress skirt is too sheer and floaty.  The hat I do like as it suits her face shape and it's very refreshing to see her with her hair in an up-do. 

There's no doubt Kate is a clotheshorse but on the close-up photos she looks a little unwell, tired even? Her mind seems elsewhere. Do you agree?

Overall, the race-going fashion on show was good, even Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie looked respectable, although E still insists on wearing her dresses maybe an inch too short.

Of course, Queenie looked wonderful (is it tantamount to treason to even say otherwise?) in a bright fuschia, summery dress and complementary coat. 

Mrs Middleton always turns herself out nicely

And as for the top hats? Britain at it's finest I feel. Long live the topper!

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  1. Agree re Kate's outfit. Think it would have been better not all in cream - there's just too much cream going on. The shape of the jacket could be vastly improved as well - it's a bit frumpy for somebody of her age.

  2. I know what you mean about Kate's outfit... first glance I loved it but aren't her legs so skinny!!

    I do love the hat though!!

    Victoria xxx

  3. I love Kate's outfit, thinks she looks great. Painfully thin, but great.

    I like the all-cream look, and think the boxy jacket contrasts well with the floaty skirt.

    I always wonder if the Queen gets to choose her own clothes?

    Also - I'm ashamed to admit it, (but in my defence I'm not British) I had no idea top hats still existed. Is that bad?


  4. I know, top hats are like a hangover from the 1800s! I don't think they get worn outside of top racecourses and posh weddings anymore though.

  5. I would imagine that the Queen does get a say in what she wears, but I doubt she really cares all that much.

    Kate's skirt needed to be about 3 inches longer. A gusty day could have easily led to a skirt blow up which would have been terrible for her. Yes, the jacket is all wrong as it doesn't work with the floaty skirt at all. And yes, she does look tired, poor possum.

    Those sisters (B&E) have got to get better stylists - or at least get one. But then again, if they did, what would be have to frock about?

  6. Top hats at a wedding??? I'd like to see that. But think I might laugh.

  7. Mhm. For a change, I don't really have an opinion. Being a continental European, I am not very familiar with the whole going to races thing and the respective dress code anyway. She dresses very old here, but then isn't that what you are supposed to do at this kind of occasion? *confused*

  8. I'm thinking just a bit too short. A tad longer and I think it would look much better. More... balanced?
    And as Fussy Eater's Mum said, 'oops, Ive dropped my betting form, Ill just bend down and get it' would result in a right royal pants on show palava.

  9. I didn't like it. And was surprised at the gasps of admiration from the press.

    Stealing a line from the awful Daily Mail columnist Liz Jones, the boxy jacket was a bit "lamb dressed as mutton", and the skirt was too short. The whole outfit was very light, and she is extremely tanned at the moment.

    I liked her Mum's outfit better, very pretty.

  10. I agree with you mmelindor on her Mum's outfit, she got it spot on again.

    The press love fawning over her, I guess she's the new Diana for them. The UK's had a gap in the market for attractive, stylish royals since she died so now they're grabbing Kate and running with it, whether she gets it right or not. I'll bet she'll be at Ascot in the coming weeks, will be interesting to see her choices there. Should be uber smart...

  11. mmmm don't like Kate in this at all. The neckline is too square and she looks all buttoned up. The colour is nice but the shape of the dress just doesn't work. Not sure I like that hat on her either (although I confess to owning one that is almost identical -note to self, perhaps time to get rid), it looks too severe with her hair up.


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