Monday, 6 June 2011

Listography: The Top 5 Decisions I've Made

Today, I'm doing my first Listography linky which I found via This Mid 30s Life.

But, the one condition to you reading my post today is that you have a look at the Listography origin site, Kate Takes 5 and then sign the petition for Save the Children's 'No Child Born To Die' campaign.

Thank you.

So now, here are the Top 5 Decisions I Ever Did Make:

One: Having children

I know that physically having babies is not a conscious decision, I'm talking about deciding to create a family, an extension of yourself to go forth into the future. 

Without a doubt, Imogen is the best thing I ever did and I'm glad I wanted a family and decided to get it underway. It's a corny, worn-out cliche, but she gets better every day and watching her learn and grow is incredibly rewarding.


Two: Moving to America

Technically, this was James' idea and his ambition. He made all the decisions in getting us over here and setting us up, but it was my decision to come along with him and support him. I gave up my former existence, my job, friends and family and trusted him that it would work.

I always believed I was a homebody. I thought I was happy living in my hometown surrounded by everybody I knew; that was my comfort zone and I didn't want to leave it. I was convinced I would be paralysed by homesickness here, I couldn't envisage it working out. But, I decided to give it a go, that's all you can do in life: try.

What I found was that yes, I am a homebody, but that home is not my 'hometown' but the house where I live, wherever that may be; that is where I always want to be and where I feel safe and content.


Three: Forgiving a betrayal

Nearly 4 years ago, I suffered a heartbreaking personal betrayal by a very close family member that made me question the concept of familial love and loyalty. The root system of blood links I thought existed between us failed spectacularly and I was left emotionally adrift and physically estranged from the person involved. The events of that day led me down a dark path of anger and bitterness which ended with me suffering chronic anxiety. 

The only thing that saved me and my sanity was facing up to the white elephant between us and forgiving what happened. After 18 months apart, we met up and moved on. Relieving myself of the stress and negativity I had been carrying around immediately made me happier. 

I will never forget what happened, but it is in my past now, it has become just a small part of the person I am today and no longer controls the whole of me.


Four: Eating those four Jaffa Cakes this morning

I am very pleased I decided to do this, I felt so much better after! They're only 1g of fat each, so I felt justified in having a doughnut when I went to the supermarket afterwards.


Five: Buying this skirt

I found this skirt in Banana Republic over the weekend and it was reduced to $12. TWELVE DOLLARS!!!! You can't buy a button in there for $12 normally, so I bought it just because I could and I'm glad as I've worn it for the past two days already!

Have a good week!


  1. Oh what a little cutie Imogen is! Love your list - the big and the small of it. Thanks for the shout out and for supporting Save the Children's campaign. x

  2. Love your list! And thank you for your sweet thoughts on my blog! I've just added you to my reader!

  3. What a lovely list. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Keith aka Reluctant Housedad

  4. Thank you guys! Really appreciate the lovely comments.

  5. What a great list!! I love that Banana Republic skirt. I cannot believe it was only $12. And I don't know what those cookies are, I have never seen them but you can't go wrong with 1 g of fat! Your rationalizing and allowing yourself a donut afterwards sounds like something I might do! LOL


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