Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Frock It! #9

For this week's Frock It!, I am taking the lead of Mid30sLife and am showing one of my favourite baby outfits.

I was going to wax lyrical about Duchess K of Mid's style overhaul and the two sublime outfits she chose to wear publicly this week; her military-style coat and the ballgirl chic white Temperley dress at SW19 but, it's all too predictable now. She's clearly not going to put a LK Bennett foot wrong anymore, which is good, but it just means endless fawning and that's a bit, well, boring.

Maybe I will digest her Canadian and US outfits over the coming few weeks and do a fully comprehensive one-stop shop Duchess Tour of Duty special where I can hyperbolate and fawn to my heart's content...

So, back to this week and I have chosen a little dress that's a bit different from what you would pick up at your local Mothercare.

My Dad bought this outfit as part of Imogen's Christmas present and it came all the way from 78 Degrees North ie, the Arctic Circle. 

Back last year, my Dad undertook a sailing expedition to the North Pole via Norway (I think) mainly to explore and to view Polar Bears in their natural habitat. He found this great little shop that designs and makes childrenswear.

I adore it's uniqueness and it's Scandinavian simplicity. Imogen has only worn it once as I have no idea how to wash it and am petrified of ruining it, so it hangs up dutifully in the wardrobe and will be a keepsake for her future. Also, I couldn't be arsed had no opportunity to put it on her to take a photo, so, sorry about that, but she does look very cute (obviously). 

Completely unrelated photo!


  1. Actually, it's not an unrelated photo. It's a very reason to keep her away from such a stunning dress!

    What a great choice, and ten points to your Dad for finding it - the man has taste. Beautiful! I'm going to google that brand and see what else they have, thanks for bringing it to my attention and thanks for frocking along with me.

  2. Good point re the apocalyptic dinnertime!

    I did try to google it myself but couldn't find any website or link but she does have an email which is on the card (if it's legible!).

  3. Perhaps she can wear it as a shirt in a few years time? Lovely dress.

  4. What a gorgeous dress, your Dad has great taste. Can I borrow him?

  5. lovely dress. Very different from the usual pink. Well done to your dad!

  6. Lovely dress, and interesting back story, too! I, too, am ridiculously overexcited about seeing what Kate's gonna be wearing on tour!


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