Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Frock It! #8

Slim pickings for this week's Frock It!; I couldn't find many outfits that stood out, at least on my radar.

So I have also plumped for a sporting event. This Mid 30s Life went for Royal Ascot and I agree there were some eye-catching dresses there, but (apart from the stilton hat) nothing really stood out as being different from any other year. 

After scouring the web for like, minutes, I found this gem of a sporty Frock It!, cue the rant:

I really, really dislike this get-up. Not just for the obvious reason that it's hideous, but that it is once again, completely inappropriate for Wimbledon. 

The All England Club is the epitome of Englishness, the historic and revered home of British tennis. It is not the place for plunging playsuits and shiny gold underwear. For goodness sake, sometimes The Queen is there...

Some of you may think I'm being prudish. Maybe I am, but I wish we could go back to women wearing more demure sporting attire at Wimbledon. They needn't be wearing skirts (I'm not that old-fashioned), shorts would be fine, just not something you would find on Venice Beach. 

It's not just Venus who is guilty as charged, many other players in recent years seem to have forgotten the occasion and dress with disrespect. With regards to Venus' outfit, how can you even play good tennis with those batwings flapping around???? Crazy! 



  1. The bizarre thing is, it doesn't even look nice!! Nearly spat my tea out when I came upon that photo of her bum - yuck!

  2. A simple tennis outfit of white top and skirt is just that - simple. It works. If you're athletic, it looks great and you have all the movement you need.

    So I don't get this constant need to come up with something really different for the tennis court. It's a tennis court.

    Do you play netball in a batwinged jumpsuit? No.

  3. Why create something that rides up your arse so you have to wear giant yellow pants underneath? Most odd.

  4. Ok, I've wiped my eyes dry from tears after laughing my head off at the outfit. Dreadful.

    I was only just watching clips of the tennis and thinking how nice it is that the institution of Wimbleton has stayed the same - reasonably conservative, lots of dark green. But this outfit is a slap in the face to it all.

  5. The best part about this is the fact that she has a mustard yellow "unitard"(???) underneath it with a - wait for it.... MESH, not-really-HER-flesh-colored "bra"(???). The whole ensemble is an epic fail all around. Bravo!


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