Sunday, 12 June 2011

Frock It! #7 - Wedding guest etiquette

For this week's Frock It!, it's off to the quaint, leafy village of Cranham in the Cotswolds and the quintessentially English wedding of singer and fashion designer Lily Allen.

The bride looked radiant in a 1920's inspired Karl Lagerfeld design complete with metres of lace which barely concealed her growing baby tummy and an unusual veil headdress secured with flowers over each ear (sounds hideous, actually suits her).

The remainder of the wedding party looked borderline presentable and the sun was shining; everything was adding up to a beautiful occasion when...da da daaaaaa....

along comes this frocky horror:

What would the vicar say?!

WTF is going on with those boobies?!

You can usually count on someone in your family to upset the apple cart in some way on your wedding day. Usually it is a drunken uncle leching over the bridesmaids, but for Lily, unfortunately, it was her half-sister, Sarah.

This dress would be appropriate in the following places:
  1. A fancy party in a bar or club in London, esp. one swarming with paparazzi
  2. A peep show in Amsterdam
  3. A street corner in any town, anywhere
A place this dress is not appropriate:
  1. The church wedding of your sister, or in fact, anyone!

Too short, too booby, the pattern is beautiful and it could have been a winner if it wasn't for the Lolo Ferrari cleavage on show.

Hang your head in shame Ms Owen for committing the cardinal sin of upstaging the bride (and for all the wrong reasons). Consider yourself slapped in the face by the wedding etiquette fairy.


  1. Blimey, thats a dress and a half isn't it!

  2. Oh good grief. Is that real? Serious?? Not a joke? Please let it be a joke.

    There is nothing good about this dress. It doesn't even fit!

  3. Ooooh. That is shocking. What was she thinking? Trying to do a Pippa

  4. Sadly, it's no joke, no wonder she looks so glum, someone must have shown her a mirror...

  5. You would be gutted if you left the house thinking you looked nice, then when you arrived at your sisters wedding you saw the light.

    Not good.

  6. Alexandra Malkin13 June 2011 at 15:11

    I love that she is wearing a cardi- trying (and failing) to look demure- must cover those slutty upper arms!!!

  7. That's effing TERRIBLE! What a shit dress. If you have boobs, DO NOT wear a dress which SHOWCASES them like you're smuggling the Mitchell brothers down your top. Silly girl. Silly.

  8. It doesn't even fit her, ffs! Ridiculous. And she wore horrible bright orange shoes with it as well. Taste is clearly something that has passed this particular lady by!


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