Monday, 20 June 2011

Happy Father's Day: 5 Facts About My Dad

Here is my belated Father's Day post. I intended to write it over the weekend but time skedaddled away from me as did most of Monday. It won't do any harm being late, I'm sure my Dad will enjoy it anyway.

Five Facts You May Not Know About My Dad

1. He has an insatiable wanderlust and the more diverse the country, the better. Some places he has recently travelled (alone) to: Colombia, Greenland and Iran.

2. Linked to the international travel is a passion for sailing. His sailing trip to Greenland was most recent but by far his favourite waters to sail are Scottish including trips through the Hebrides and all the way out to St. Kilda and the Faroe Islands near Denmark.

NW, Mr Croft!

3. Dad is an incredible intellectual, an avid reader and a crossword wizard. He was recently invited to an event where he was able to meet many of the crossword setters he knows so well from the papers; a really special day for him. Dad is so good at crosswords he even submits cryptic crossword clues that are sometimes printed!

4. Born and bred in Stoke-on-Trent, Dad's second home could be said to be Ireland, where he has a bolthole cottage in Donegal and where he spends much of his time following the Irish horse racing. He has shares in a few racehorses and will travel extensively to watch them run. His wins and losses are a closely guarded secret; we only get to hear about the cracking wins!

5. Dad runs two very successful pubs in his hometown, The Old Brown Jug and The Albion but he doesn't drink a drop of alcohol himself...

With his Grand-dog, Sir Bobby Dogg

3 Generations of Woolliscrofts in Downtown Greenville, March 2010

Dad may not always agree with whatever my brother or I do in life, but he always supports us in the end. He is funny and generous, clever and sensitive. We've had some ups and downs in the past but today we find ourselves on an even keel and I can say I am proud of who he has become and am proud he is my Dad and I love him very much. I hope he can continue living the life he has had for the past few years and is able to spend more time doting on his precious granddaughter!


  1. It must be wonderful to have a dad like yours. Lucky girl! xx

    PS: How funny that you have a jar of herring in your fridge, too. I think mine has been living there since we moved in - about three years ago, haha.

  2. My Mum bought the herrings that reside in my fridge I think, when she was over here visiting. She's a big herring lover. I've never tried them myself, maybe I should!


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