Saturday, 26 February 2011

Easy like a Saturday morning?

My favourite time of the week is right now, early on a Saturday morning (early being around 7am). There is a different feel to a weekend morning compared to a weekday, a sense of peace & tranquility; the world is having a lie-in, I guess?

The morning light diffuses it's rays with a lighter touch, the normally frenetic birds and animals keep their volume down and we are allowed a few hours of calm before the storm of the day.

Right after I am woken by the dulcet tones of a singing baby Mo, it's full steam into Operation Breakfast: Bobble gets up and out for his morning ablutions, then straight back in for his breakfast, Mo plays with her toys while I prepare her breakfast, whilst simultaneously unloading the dishwasher and clearing away James' detritus from the night before. Then it's Mo's feeding time, which this morning was so painful that James had to wrench himself from his pit to shut the bedroom door on her screeching...However, I managed to force a bowl of porridge, pear & blueberry down her piehole, tidy up the bombsite left behind and then finally, FINALLY, sit down for my cup of tea and MY breakfast. I am always the last to eat, is this right? What kind of message is this sending to my pack? Seeing as the dog sees himself higher up the pecking order than me, the message is pretty clear! Mummy eats last cos she is last, bottom of the rung, yet also the ONLY rung in this small ladder.

Believe me, Bob, if I didn't get up and sort you out on demand, you'd be languishing on your bed til mid-morning!

So now, after all that chaos comes the calm before naptime, that precious hour of quiet play I get from Imogen. During this time we do a heap of bonding and interaction, we laugh & share jokes, she will practice her tummy time & crawling skills & I soak up the never-ending wonder and joy of the infant I produced!

Or I could just pop on the laptop for a moment & check facebook?!

I know which one happened, and I'm so grateful for the special time I had to update my status because, as you know, this facebook stage doesn't last forever!


In other news, it's Oscars buzzzzzzz this weekend. I just cannot wait for all the coverage, all the beautiful dresses and more importantly, all the fashion faux-pas. One of the best things about living in the US is I can watch the red carpet LIVE at a reasonable hour instead of having matchsticks propping my eyelids open like I used to in the UK.

Bring on Joan Rivers!


  1. Erm, I made you a bacon and egg sandwich this morning my dear AND your lie in is on a Sunday when roles reverse ;-)


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