Saturday, 26 February 2011

Future memories

I have decided that I like living in a place called Walnut Cove. It's not as cool as living in Cabot Cove although I'm thinking it's only cool to live there if you are a friend of Jessica Fletcher and not one of the victims.

The full name of our sub-division is Woodlands at Walnut Cove and it is very aptly named; it is a very wooded area, or was, until it was bulldozed to make way for our homes, oops!

I haven't seen a walnut tree, but must confess I don't actually know what one looks like! However, there is an abundance of lofty pines that gently sway in the breeze (and worryingly flip side to side in storms!) and we have two mighty Oak trees in our front garden.

Two friends of ours came to visit last night for a few drinkies after they had been for a meal in the local vicinity. These friends live on the outskirts of downtown Greenville, so are still committed Urbanites and not country bumpkins like we are fast becoming.

For them, travelling out to see us is akin to an Antarctic expedition; gas tank must be filled, extra food, blankets & flashlights packed in case they are 'gone some time'. We don't actually live THAT far away, but when you are used to living in a city, a 30 minute journey is a bit of a trek.

Anyway, my point is that when we first decided to build on this plot, we were concerned about one of the limbs on the Oak tree that produded quite a long way out and came close to the house. We had decided to ask the builder to lop it off until our Urban friends came to see the place. Obviously a man with some vision, our friend suggested we keep the limb in place & in the future we can put a rope swing on it for Mo.

Well, now all I can think of is the day we can get that rope swing, cos it will be so perfect and I can't wait to watch her swing around on it like the monkey that she is!

When is too soon? Can 7 month olds climb trees?

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