Thursday, 24 February 2011


I really want to like Kate Middleton, or is it Catherine, I don't know, whatever. Anyway, I want to like her, she seems like a great woman.

I didn't always think this way. When she first burst on to the scene back in the day she wasn't instantly likeable; there was a definite whiff of desperation about her. Maybe it's snobbery, but people don't want to see somebody from ordinary beginnings successfully social climb and break through the class system and into the inner fold of the Royal Family. I mean, how did she do that? She is SO ordinary, so much like me (same age, same start in life), I just can't imagine it being me stood up there getting ready to be the next Queen of England. But it might as well be!

Having followed their courtship through the press, there has undeniably been a big U-turn in the general attitude towards Kate. This is more than likely because she is now untouchable; being betrothed to an heir to the throne wins you more friends than enemies, but the articles are more positive, there are no snide asides about 'doors to manual' mother Carole and on the whole, there is a lot of sycophancy developing.

Like I said at the start, I really want to like Kate too and I feel she has an enormous potential to become a worldwide icon in the mould of Diana, Queen Rania of Jordan, Grace Kelly etc...She has the looks and the intelligence, but I just have a feeling she's going to be a bit of a damp squib, a disappointment.

All my opinions here are, of course, just my opinions and I have never met Kate or anyone to do with her. I glean my opinions from the media, which is a hazardous method, but my only option!

There is no doubt Kate is a lovely woman, kind, funny, intelligent and very good-looking but she needs to take control of this opportunity she has and forge a path for herself that goes beyond opening coffee mornings and looking glamorous at State dinners.

She could be so much more than a consort; a la Queen Rania, she could lead Great Britain into a new, modern age spreading important messages and helping to propel the human unjustices in the world onto a global platform. However, I have concerns over her work ethic & motivation to be a successful Queen. Since she left university, she has been happy to do the bare minimum to scrape by while she waits for Princess-dom. There seems to be scant get-up-and-go, a quality I feel is essential as a potential world icon. It's not enough to just float through life ensconced in Royal privilege, you need to get out there and use your voice to help others.

A lot of the disappointment I feel stems from her fashion. Now I am NO fashion expert at all, but I feel your wardrobe does a great job of reflecting your personality. Kate's clothing choices tell me that she is middle-of-the-road.

As a woman who has the world's leading couturiers literally throwing themselves at her sensible heeled, court-shoed feet, she has the opportunity to become something of a fashion maven, with very little effort required. The media are desperate for her to be fashionable, but the facts are that she just isn't. She is Sloaney, from her tweed coats, through the black knee-high boots to the endless fascinators.

Although it is obviously important to stay true to who you are and feel comfortable in what you are wearing, Kate needs a subtle makeover. She is 29 years old, not 39, or even 49, yet she dresses not unlike women of these ages. She can afford to be bold and she needs to be. There are many years ahead of her to play it safe, now is the time to make an impact. DITCH THE TWEED!!

Having said all this, it is very early days in the evolution of Kate Middleton from Home Counties girl-next-door to new Princess and I'm sure her style & confidence will change & grow over time.

First real test: the wedding dress. We wait with baited breath!

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