Sunday, 15 May 2011

FROCK IT! Le Cannes Special Edition

I have found my new favourite blog activity: FROCK IT via This Mid 30s Life.


I have been hoovering up all the pictures from La Croissette all week so now I have a great excuse to gratuitously post up dress shots and babble on about them!

I see from the previous entries that Jane Fonda went down well en France, so I will steer clear of her and instead concentrate on...Penelope Cruz!

That most Spanish of actresses, for me, showed the French a thing or two about glamour. In all the pictures I have seen, she looks immaculate with a figure to DIE for (and she's a new mama! she must have some killer Spanx on).

I'm not convinced by the frou-frou straps, but the rest is heavenly

If coveting a hairstyle is bad, I don't want to be good

So let me know if you agree with La Cruz's wardrobe choices. Post-baby she seems to have a new confidence, a self-assurance that comes from the knowledge that the person who's love and affection you crave is back home asleep in his crib, not fawning over you on a red carpet.

Showcasing the best of British design in Stella McCartney

Keep it up Pen.


  1. Love her style. She wore an amazing black feathered dress to the Pirates of the Caribbean premiere at Disney last weekend which nearly made it onto my Frock It post this week. Fab hair, too!

  2. You're spot on, she is incredibly beautiful. Love the hair too.

    I'm not sure about the first dress, I think she looks amazing more in spite of it than because of it! But it would be incredible to wear - just so floaty. (You can tell I don't know a thing about fashion when I use words like "floaty!")

    Thanks so much for joining in, I'm loving all these entries! xx

  3. I don´t like the dress far too frothy and sparkly. But she is a beautiful, glamorous woman.

  4. She has great style, or a great stylist, but I think it's her style. Love the hair do as well.

  5. she's beautiful and I especially like her in that blue dress. Her post baby figure is a wee bit sickening to someone who is currently 5 weeks off giving birth!

  6. Ah dear Pen is all sultry and gorgeous. And she needs to eat more cake so that the rest of us new mums don't feel quite so dowdy and fat!! I think she looks stunning whatever she wears, I like all these frocks :)


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