Saturday, 30 April 2011

'Happy and Glorious'

So, that's it, it's all over. And wasn't it superb?

The Royal Wedding of course, yesterday, Friday 29th April 2011.

As a lover of all things 'royal', I was always going to enjoy such an unashamedly excessive show, but it exceeded even my expectations.

Here are my highlights (and, lowlights, OF COURSE!)

The Highlight (there's only one really):

How this girl managed to remain so composed and natural amidst so much excitement is beyond me. When I walked down the aisle, I couldn't feel my legs I was so nervous, so times that feeling by a million and that's probably how Kate felt; her poise and elegance was and is remarkable.

Hair? Check

Tiara? Check

Make-up? Check - did you know she did her OWN make-up for the big day? Amazing.

Jewellry? Check

Dress? Check

Flowers? Check

Bridesmaids? Check

Just check, check, check all day long, to everything. How did it all manage to be so perfect??!

The lowlights (and there were many!)

I was mainly completely underwhelmed by all the guests' fashion choices (except Mrs Middleton, who looked great). The foreign Royals were very muted, with tasteful shift dresses and day suits. Yaaawn.

But here are my top three shockers:


She may have fixed her nose, but it's clearly her eyesight that needs attention here. Looking not unilke a slimmed down Violet Beauregarde from Willy Wonka, Tara is reminding us all that the age of matching your shoes to your bag to your hat has well and truly passed.

Posh Spice

Clearly not posh at all when surrounded by the true poshos the Royals, Victoria really outdid herself in the misery guts stakes. On such a jubilant occasion, at which many people would have given their life savings to be invited, Mrs Beckham could barely muster a grimace and seemed entirely put out that this was one event where no-one gave a shit about her presence.

Nobody likes a bad loser Victoria. You can't be the bride every day. Advice for the future: SMILE at weddings and take the stick from up your pretentious behind.

Perhaps she had looked in the same mirror as TPT and realised the horror of her look before she left? She may be pregnant, but that's no excuse for wearing a sack and a silly hat.

The Princesses of York

Always game for a laugh and prepared to push the 'boundaries' of fashion, these sisters really went for it yesterday and sadly missed the mark. Actually, missed the mark is a complete understatement, bless them.

Did they misread the dress code as Full Pantomime Dames?

What larks!

Tally Ho!

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