Wednesday, 20 April 2011

I'm baaaaack!

The Daily Walnut has been on a short hiatus the last couple of weeks,
more about which I will post up soon...but now, I AM BACK!

In the time that I haven't been updating all the goings on at Walnut Cove, I have been busy elsewhere and have enjoyed some creative 'downtime'. The downside to this downtime, however, has been that I am now out of practice with my writing and am suffering some writer's block!

My head is normally full of cotton wool as I have a 9 month old and a goldendoodle puppy who occupy the remaining lucid corners of my brain, so coupled with a dire lack of inspiration and creativity, it has been hard to click on the 'NEW POST' button here and commit to print...

So imagine my GLEE when I came across this site via another amazing blog Karma, (continued...)(which I love) and found Mama Kat's writing prompts.

Now, I only blog for fun, I am not a professional or even, amateur writer, so these prompts are fantastic to get the creative juices flowing; they remind me of my time at school when you would be given a short paragraph and would have to create a short story that followed on. It's great brain training for fatigued minds and has helped me start thinking about writing again.

So, here goes...

A List of 5 Celebrity DON'TS

(Ps, the original prompt called for 10 Don'ts, but as I'm easing myself back's 5, don't judge me!)

Numero Uno:

go out on the beach wearing such a hideous cover-all, Nigella Lawson. Has she never heard of Melissa Odabash???

Number Two:

Donald Trump. The Don is an offender on two counts. The first is the totally over-the-top Barack-bashing he has been filling his time with over the last few weeks. Get over it, Mr T.

In reality, we should be asking him to provide a birth certificate for his hair. That thing is quite clearly a living, breathing organism and I'm pretty sure was not born on his head. Time to 'fess up, Trumpy. His second DON'T is to think about running for President. Pur-leeeasse, just DON'T, OK?

Numero Tres:

turn on your TV/radio, open a newspaper or browse the internet over the next several weeks if you DON'T want to hear about the upcoming Royal Wedding in England. Myself, I am a die-hard Monarchist and will be setting my alarm clock to 5am so I can watch it live from the US. My mother, on the other hand, is a bit of a Republican and wishes to avoid all nuptial nonsense. Pah! I bet she spends as much time as the rest of us poring over all the juicy post-pageantry details ad infinitum....


DON'T do as Lauren Bush has done and fall in love with Ralph Lauren's son David and become betrothed...Lauren Lauren??? There are so many men in the world and she is so beautiful, it just didn't need to happen ;-) If it had been me, no matter how much I liked a man, if his surname had been Clare, I would have screened his calls until he went away...


Charlie Sheen. No Celebrity DON'T list would be complete without him. Just DON'T, just go away please and take your sleazy life with you.

I'm not even going to put up a picture of such a looooser.

So, if you want to get writing, go here.

Til next time!


  1. HAHAHA! Great entry into Mama Kat's Workshop!

    I had no idea about Lauren Bush Lauren. That's terribly unfortunate. Hopefully, she'll keep her last name.

  2. I would love to see the birth cert for Trump's hair piece.


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