Monday, 29 November 2010

Rachel Stratford Portrait giveaway

While I was perusing my blog updates last night, with one eye on Sarah Palin's Alaska (what is it with that woman, I just can't stop watching her, like a car wreck!) I saw Nat the Rat was doing a giveaway.

I LOVE giveaways, freebies, coupons, discounts, anything that might save me a dollar, but I don't always enter online competitions for lack of time or maybe the 'gift' wasn't up my street.

But my, I am sooo pleased I clicked on this giveaway - as it involves PETS!

This lady I heard about for the first time last night, Rachel Stratford, seems an incredibly talented artist and looking at her dog drawings, I just KNEW my little Bobble dog would work as the perfect model. Now, I am not biased in any way, but he really is the most beautiful fluffball I have ever come across...I hope Rachel agrees??!

So, I think I have covered all the bases for maximum competition entries...fingers crossed for Mr Bob!!

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