Monday, 26 October 2009

Day One

Day One: This is not the official Day One, that happened on Saturday 17th October 2009, but this is Day One of the rest of MY life.

Last Saturday, my husband and I upped sticks and moved from Staffordshire, England UK to Greenville, SC, USA, a move that filled me with both huge excitement and complete full body terror. Today, I am left alone for the first time as Mr P starts his new job.

After many months of planning and organisation, we caught our flights and landed in a surprisingly chilly and drizzly Greenville, weather conditions we were NOT expecting! On the upside, we found a charming and spotless airport (cleanliness is something we continue to be surprised by).

International relocations are not uncommon and I am one of millions who uproot and start new lives across the world everyday. In this respect, I am not unusual and probably have nothing new to report on this subject, but for me, it is crucial to start a diary, to chart my progress from shell-shocked new girl, confronted with an onslaught of cultural differences to, hopefully, a fully integrated South Carolinian over the next few years.

Over the coming months I will chart my progress, the inevitable highs and lows and the surprising differences between UK and USA, 2 countries which on the surface, share so much.

I hope you enjoy and can offer me much advice.

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