Thursday, 25 August 2011

So long, South Carolina!

Life is not a constant; it ebbs and flows, twists and turns. Ribboning from one stage to the next, ever changing.

It is made up of many separate passages of time: childhood, adolescence, college years, marriage, parenthood, old age, all punctuated by sections of activity and adventure: holidays, careers, friendship.

The current section of our life entitled 'America' has now drawn to a close; the page has turned, a new chapter has been created: 'Home Again'. As yet, we do not know what will be written on the pages of this new passage yet it is this opaqueness to life, the inability to see our futures, that makes it so exciting, makes every day worth waking up to.

However, our pasts are, as always, very present and although our time here in South Carolina has now ended, we will remember it always as a happy period in our lives and have incredible memories to think back on as time rumbles by.

Here are a few things that I shall miss most about living in Greenville, SC:

sunshine and big, blue skies
the warmth on your skin well into November
constant friendliness
supreme street cleanliness
city pride
walking down the street and passing the time of day with strangers
Oprah in the afternoon
driving on the straight, open roads to North Carolina
Five Guys burgers
Chick-fil-A milkshakes
Whole Foods & The Fresh Market
Downtown restaurants
Falls Park and Cleveland Park in ALL seasons
looking out of my windows into the tranquil woodland all around
deers grazing in the garden at dawn and dusk
azaleas and orange day lilies in full bloom 
great steaks and home-cooked appetisers
grilling with friends at the weekend

During our years in SC, we met some incredible people, all of whom, without exception, welcomed us with open arms and treated us as old friends. There are too many special people to mention, plus, you all know who you are!

I hope we will be back one day soon to visit and I know that the area will have both moved forward and stayed the same, just as it should be. As the birthplace of our daughter, I will always keep the city very close to me and I have a Palmetto-shaped hole growing daily in my heart.

Stay 'Southern' Greenville! It is what makes you great and gives you your uniqueness. 

I miss you already.

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  1. You're right life is full of changes. Good luck with the move.


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