Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Macaroni Mo

I don't believe you can call yourself a true American until you have eaten Mac 'n Cheese...and enjoyed it!

In the UK, macaroni cheese is usually eaten as a full course, but here in the South East United States, at least, macaroni cheese is served as a side dish, an accompaniment to the main meal. At Thanksgiving, it is a staple, just as sprouts and bread sauce are for an English Christmas Day dinner.

Despite Imogen being born into a English family surrounded by English language and traditions, I am effectively raising an American child. If we remain here in the Deep South, I will only be able to keep the American culture at bay for so long. It is inevitable to me that she will grow up being able to speak with a proper American accent, when she thinks of a 'biscuit', it won't be of the English cookie variety, she will understand how to host a perfect Southern soiree and green bean casserole with mac 'n cheese will be as normal as afternoon tea is to an Englishman.

With this is mind, I put her through her toughest initiation test yet yesterday; she had macaroni cheese for her lunch for the first time.

I don't think it will be the last time either...

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