Tuesday, 8 March 2011

International Women's Day

Today is the centenary of the formation of International Women's Day. Huzzah to womankind and all her amazing achievements, from the humble stay-at-home mum to world-changing pioneers!

The Guardian newspaper has printed up a list of the Top 100 inspiring women from a wide selection of different categories including the arts, law and campaigning.

Reading the list is truly inspiring and lifts you out of your day-to-day bubble and makes you realise there are women who are dedicating their whole lives to the improvement of the world for us all. My favourites are not those you have necessarily heard of, like Gaga and Oprah, but the 'unsung' heroes with the names that don't grab headlines, like the lawyer Gareth Peirce who has taken on and fought the great miscarriages of justice in history to ensure innocent people remain innocent and free.

Take a look here. Let me know your favourite and who inspires you on a daily basis.

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