Monday, 21 March 2011

Dental delights!

***WARNING: This is an unapologetic Mummy post.
If you do not wish to read my
shameless bleatings about my
prodigal daughter, please look away now***

If I wasn't already completely in love with Imogen Louise Priest, then she did something yesterday morning that made my heart somersault with adoration:

We got a tooth people!!

Two days short of being 8 months old, she sprouts the most perfect shred of enamel, bottom centre, of course.

Now, I would take a picture but it is barely visible to the naked eye, it is really only on the Mummy radar due to obsessive daily gum checking. Imagine my delight yesterday when I ran my finger over her gums as normal, not expecting ANYTHING new, to be halted in my tracks by a sharp little ridge poking up!!!!!!!! These babies really are amazing, aren't they!

Told you it was a shameless Mummy blog today...


In other news, Sweeney Todd (aka my husband) paid a visit to our house yesterday. Renamed the Butcher of Walnut Cove, he did THIS to my baby's beautiful flowing fringe:

So now she looks like the love child of Pob and Lloyd Christmas.

Although she needed a trim, I think the technique needs work. James is very good at trimming the dog, but blonde furry ringlets are forgiving, poker straight fringes not so much.


In other (slightly random) news, we have a resident wild turkey in the garden (does this make him non-wild now?).

I tried to take a photo but he scooted off into the wood. Hold tight peeps, I will catch him soon!

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